Gavintek Bio


Gavintek started producing music in the year 2014 with a large appetite in Electronic genres and Acoustic mixins. The musical journey began early in life at the age of 13. Gavintek picked up his dad's jumbo Alvarez acoustic and started picking and strumming chords. Today, as an independent producer and private recording artist, Gavintek creates and combines distinctive styles in Electronic music. You can find Gavintek and // TODO all over your favorite platforms like // TODO's Spotify, Gavintek's Pandora for station creation, and SoundCloud to name a few. See more links at the bottom of the page.


One unusual characteristic in today's electronic genres is an acoustic guitar. You'll find custom, high-quality acoustic guitar sessions in some or most mixes. You can hear Gavintek's music under the aliases Gavintek and // TODO

Gavintek is always looking to create diverse music styles for listeners to deliver that song that you can't stop humming. Making music is more than a hobby, making music is a passion for bringing depth and emotion to the world.